Welcome to the Hawkeye Island!

Originally commissioned as a Marine base, Hawkeye Island previous served as the headquarters of Starfleet Marines in the Raeyan Sector. The base soon expanded and became a shining beacon of hope for the alliance between Raeya and the Federation. The island was donated to the Federation by the Holy Monarch of the Randa Islands, and the base was soon built afterward. Years of discord soon weakened that alliance. Starfleet forces on the surface of the island has expanded to become more than just a specialized Marine Corps base. Starfleet had reduced the base to a mere skeleton crew as a result of the severe anti-Federation presence developed on the planet.

Since Starfleet’s withdrawal from the sector, the power has shifted away from the Starfleet loyalists and the Eternal Light has control of the government. Although the change in control, Starfleet still has loyalists. After years of abandonment, Starfleet has decided to return to the sector to help prevent further chaos. A new commander has been assigned to the base to help improve diplomatic relations with the Raeyans and the Marine Corps have returned. Hawkeye Island is now one of the last Federation and Starfleet outposts in this heavily contested and active area of the Beta Quadrant, the base is under more pressure than ever to keep the sector from falling into complete chaos.

Latest Mission Posts

» Cold Open

Mission: Return to Paradise
Posted on Sun Jun 30th, 2019 @ 9:09pm by Lieutenant Eleanor Waldorf & Captain Thelenesh ch'Ryohan

[Crew Services, Officers' Gym, Hawkeye Island]

Early, before the star of the system rose over the island installation, Enesh had a couple of routines he always ran through. He found the early morning hours were the only times he could safely use a Gym without finding other officers and crew…

» Unfriendliness in Operations

Mission: Return to Paradise
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 3:37am by Lieutenant James Xavier MD & Lieutenant Eleanor Waldorf & Ensign Torin

A small speeder came zooming down the dirt road that lead to the bridge crossing onto Hawkeye Island from Vir. The driver was stopped by a few Starfleet officers on the bridge. He flashed a few Starfleet credentials in their faces, and they allowed him to pass. He continued his…

» And So It Begins

Mission: Return to Paradise
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 3:36am by Commander Matthew Alexander & Special Agent Gregory West

The lights came on in the main control room of the science complex. Matt and Greg had been waiting for this moment. Matt sat in one of the chair in front of the main computer console as it started to come to life.

"Commander, you should have power now," Lieutenant…

» The Power Around Us

Mission: Return to Paradise
Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 3:35am by Commander Matthew Alexander & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan & Lieutenant Timothy Jordan & Ensign Victoria Jamison & Lieutenant JG Dira Sherren

The lights on the security officers' phaser rifles shown the way down the long corridor that led to the power generator. Old pipes creaked as the team passed by. The noise was enough to scream poor Victoria. She held her tricorder with a map of the facility on it. She…

» Expedition Unknown

Mission: Return to Paradise
Posted on Wed May 8th, 2019 @ 10:17am by Commander Matthew Alexander & Lieutenant Silpar & Lieutenant Timothy Jordan & Ensign Victoria Jamison & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan & Major Kachiko Bayushi & Lieutenant JG Dira Sherren & Special Agent Gregory West

There was no sun shining on Hawkeye Island this day. The sky was dark and cloudy with a showering of rain drops falling from the sky. Matt stood in the ATV bay behind the Command Center. He was not wearing his traditional Starfleet uniform but a new tactical version which…