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Lieutenant Jack 'Firefly' Arthur Jr.

Name Jack 'Firefly' James Arthur Jr.

Position Commander, Aerospace Group

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 6"
Weight 230lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Physically imposing though he appears, he is something of a gentle giant (when he wants to be anyway, he wouldn't want his reputation as a beast to be ruined by rumours.) Standing at six and a half feet tall and very little in the way of body fat to call his own. JJ finds it hard to be inconspicuous when he enters a room. Whether or not intentional his presence has been known to draw attention. He has something of a pretty boy look about him, allowing people to sometimes underestimate him and his abilities. He likes to say that if this was anything other than a good looks competition he would be screwed.


Spouse Single
Children None that he knows off.
Father Captain Jack Arthur Sr.
Mother Sarah Davonport formerly Arthur
Brother(s) Theodore Arthur age 12
Dr Matthew Artur age 28 (currently practicing on Betazed) younger twin by three minutes. Always an important fact in any argument between the two.
Harrison Davenport age 16
Sister(s) Marissa Davenport age15.
Other Family Numerous.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hot shot pain in the back side. JJ has inherited his fathers careless disregard for his own safety, well that is what his mother tells him when ever she hears of him behind the wheel so to speak of a fighter. JJ has a certain amount of arrogance that comes from years of training and a lot of time behind the controls of a fighter. He knows he is good and outside of work he lets people believe the hype about that skill. Inside of work however he keeps himself to himself choosing to keep a distance from the family legacy and also to be the consummate professional that is required. He still likes a joke and though his sisters and brother would say since getting his wings he sold his sense of humour for a couple of more hours of flight time in the simulator.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Fast thinking
+Response times
+Calm under pressure.

-Mean (when he has to be and never just because he wants to be.)
Hobbies & Interests Reading, working his own fighter, comics, 21st century movies, model building (his quarters are adorned with ships and vechiles from various centuries and planets. When ever he runs out of room he'll let a couple go to base kids and start again.)

Personal History JJ is a Starfleet brat through and through. While his other siblings and half sibling as well as step siblings, saw what his father Jack Arthur did and became during and after the war as a bad thing. JJ has always wanted to be in Starfleet, to help others and to help himself in the process. JJ would tell you upon first meeting him, that you should refer to him as JJ never Jack. Jack is what you call him when he has done something wrong, at least that is what his mother would tell you anyway. He has never liked the name Jack mainly because of the confusion it caused in the house or quarters growing up and not knowing who it was that was being called.

JJ is the prodical son of Captain Jack Arthur and his ex wife Sarah Davenport. Three minutes yes three minutes older than his twin Matt with whom he shares a face and as both will tell you not a lot else in common. The two spent most of their early lives travelling from one ship to another with their father and mother, JJ loved this and his brother well not so much. JJ saw it as a chance to explore the universe without any of the danger that his father faced so it was cool. Of course he was in danger if the ship was in danger but its hard to tell a kid that his idealised view of his fathers world is not necessarily the truth especially when said child idolises his father and the ground that his father walked on.

Just before the onset of the Dominion war and having had enough of her husbands inability to keep it in his pants so to speak. Sarah moved their children all of them much to his anger off ship and back to Earth where they would not be exposed to their fathers infidelities. It was Matthew after all who had discovered Jack in bed with the ships doctor and told his mother. This was a point of contention between the twins for many years, JJ blaming Matthew for the divorce rather than their father who had strayed from the marital home. It would be years before JJ would be reunited with his father, the war keeping his father away from the family home on and earth, as well as his ex wife telling him he wasn't welcome but that was neither here nor there.

Sarah remarried pretty quickly after her divorce a university lecturer who she had met and fell in love with at a coffee shop off all places as JJ is quick to point out. David Davenport was able to get close to Matthew but no matter how hard he tried he could not get close enough to JJ to make any difference in the choices the teenager would make such as joining starfleet which his mother was against.

JJ liked racing and had done some form of racing as a way to occupy his time when he wasn't at school. So by the time he reached starfleet academy he was already a well practiced pilot of such things as racing pods. It was of course amateur teenage racing but it prepared him well for the training that he would under go.

JJ looks similar to his father Jack and people know Jack by reputation if not actually knowing him. A highly decorated special forces pilot during the war with the Dominion, upon first arriving at the academy JJ had to first find his way out from under the shadow of his old man whom he found to be well known among some of his instructors including his old mans best friend who taught him ethics at the academy. Why someone who wanted to be a pilot needed to know about ethics was beyond JJ but there he was getting lectured about them anyway.

Some people come to the academy not knowing what they want to do with the rest of their careers, he had a dream long before he came to the academy that he would fly fighters and that he was willing to do anything necessary with in the laws rules and regulations to make that happen. JJ is a smart kid with a smart mouth one instructor told his mother during a visit to the academy to see how he was doing, it was quickly added that damn the kid could fly. JJ didn't like being called a kid but he took it in his stride and worked harder to change some of the things about him that the instructors didn't like.

Jack was mostly absent during his training, even after graduating his father had very little to say on the matter of him being a fighter pilot. JJ took this to mean he was disinterested in JJ's efforts and worked even harder to make his father notice him. JJ understands now that his career choice was something that Jack did not want for him, not after the war anyway and by showing disinterest with his eldest child Jack hoped that JJ would find something else to do with his life. Something that spectacularly back fired when the two met on Risa and much like his father had a decade or so before punched the old man square in the jaw in front of half of his old mans senior staff.

JJ has no children that he knows about but has several nephews from his brother. JJ remains close to his mother while he is on the outs with his father who has yet to forgive him for knocking him out in front of his senior officers.

JJ's starfleet career has been one of ups rather than downs, though as a pilot thats relative not actual as he does both for a living. Having served close to the Gorn border for much of his career since graduation and in the recent escalation between the Federation and the Gorn. He has shown himself adept at changing to suit the needs of the people around him. Logging simulation hours in the holodeck like they are going out of fashion. When not actually in a dog fight with the enemy you can usually find him in the bar or holodeck telling tall tales and enjoying the company of others. JJ has no eyes for the centre seat like some might think but he is a natural leader and someone who enjoys the challenge of command without actually taking the responsibility for others lives on a starship directly.

JJ no longer feels like he has something to prove to people who see his father in him before they see him as a person. He has long since given up the hope of getting his old mans approval in his life and career choice. JJ is perpetually single and enjoys playing the crowd. Not being fuzzy about his sexual partners nor their sexes does have an impact on ones reputation and he is known to be something of a player. He would like to meet the right person at some point and settle down but he is still young and at the moment he is fine with just being single.