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Commander Matthew Alexander

Name Matthew Alexander

Position Director of Base Operations

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 180
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Matt has his mother's majestic blue eyes with his father's dark brown hair and stern face. He has a thin beard, the same color as his hair with a hint of blond throughout. His hair grew to just below his ears. He is lean built with slight muscular definition.


Father Admiral Robert Alexander
Mother Marcia Alexander MD
Brother(s) Marcus Alexander, MD and Dastan Alexander
Sister(s) Evelyn Alexander
Other Family Cousin: Rhys Vaughan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Matthew is the eldest son of Admiral Robert Alexander and Dr. Marcia Alexander. Matthew spent his time traveling across the Federation with his parents. When Matthew was old enough he joined Starfleet as a science officer. He quickly climbed the ranks to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was assigned as the commanding officer of Hawkeye Island in the Raeyan Sector as part of Starfleet increasing its presence due to resistance in the sector. This new commanding officer was assigned to work with the Marine Company Commander on the base to portray a positive image for Starfleet as it returns to Raeya 3.

Personal History Matthew began his Starfleet career after graduating Starfleet Academy in 2380. He was quickly assigned to Starbase-349 in orbit of Raeya 3. He served there as a science officer for two years. Soon after he was reassigned and joined the Starfleet Science Division. He was assigned to various planets and systems to conduct research. It wasn’t until 2385 when he was assigned to the USS Agamemnon as Chief Science Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He served on that vessel with honors. Soon after he was promoted to the position of the ship’s Executive Officer. When the position of commanding officer became available on Hawkeye Island, Matthew jumped at the opportunity to return to the system. Matthew was given the task to increase Starfleet’s presence in the system and help restore the Starfleet’s reputation in the sector.