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Captain Thelenesh ch'Ryohan

Name Thelenesh ch'Ryohan

Position Chief Search & Rescue Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 84kg
Hair Color Snow White
Eye Color Icy Blue
Physical Description Enesh has all the aspects normally attributed to Andorians with a bit of an Aenar ancestry; pale blue skin, snow white hair, icy blue eyes, and two antennae just above his forehead, which seem to twist and move at 'random'. For a Chan, he is a bit more powerfully build, standing about six foot two inches, and one hundred and eighty pounds. With a lean, defined musculature, he is in great shape but just doesn't seem capable of putting on much 'sheer muscle'. His hair is kept cut short, in a sort of razor cut crop. With naturally arched eyebrows, he sometimes carries a very solemn or stern look. Like most andorians, does not have facial hair. His complexion is smooth, and gives him a young appearance, belying his actual age a bit. His voice could be described as generally a baritone, but he has a vast range that varies greatly depending on his mood - with higher tones generally connoting the fact that he is happier than usual, and his voice deepening when serious. His Federation Standard was apparently learned from a New Zealander, giving him a bit of an accent when actually speaking Standard, as opposed to letting the universal translator do its job.


Spouse Tala zh'Ryohan (Current), Fesoan th'Shuni and Theyelis sh'Shuni (former bondmates)
Children Vana sh'Ryohan (Deceased)
Father Shratheres ch'Rith and Turulev th'Rith
Mother Lieutenant Alaleshe zh'Ryohan (deceased) and Kitalinen sh'Rith
Brother(s) Thirrayne ch'Rith and Tholevan ch'Rith
Sister(s) Warrant Officer Tas "Taz" zh'Rith
Other Family Revas zh'Rith (stepmother)
Large extended family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Enesh is very skilled at what he does. He is incredibly driven, passionate, and is almost unbreakable optimistic. He tends to go his own way with a confidence that is hard to miss, and often comes off as a bit arrogant or irreverent. His ideology is black and white, with helping people being his primary motivating factor. Of course, this plays into his line of work but also tailors his day to day life, where he is always happy to lend a hand and help out how he can. Of course, all that said he is a bit of a self-styled hedonist, trying to enjoy life as much as he can. Paired with his less than serious and optimistic demeanor, this can sometimes come off as distant or aloof. It is his coping method though.
Strengths & Weaknesses +++ Peak Condition:
+++ Skilled Surgeon:
+++ Special Operations Training:
+++ Unbreakable Spirit:
=== Aenar Bloodline:
=== Andorian Physiology:
=== Irreverent:
--- Act First:
--- Specialist:
--- Stubborn and Reckless:
--- Trauma:
Ambitions Enesh doesn't have a lot of ambitions. He just wants to help people and seems to believe that combat rescue teams may be something that should be shifted out to more vessels.
Hobbies & Interests --- Cooking:
--- Extreme Sports:
--- Musician:
--- Vices:

Personal History Enesh was born in 2356 aboard the Andorian Defense Force vessel Alyra while on patrol in the Andor system to Lieutenant Alaleshe zh’Ryohan, who was a member of the Rith bond group. When they had struggled to conceive, the rest of the group decided it was best to part ways - unfortunately, before finding out that Alaleshe was carrying a child. Once Enesh was born, they demanded custody, and Alaleshe was not in a position to fight them.

For his early childhood, Enesh was raised by the rest of the bond group, but after they met a new fourth member and had twins, they began to be less attentive to the boy. Eventually, when Alaleshe found out, she went back to fighting for custody, and eventually won primary custody of the boy. By this time, he was rebellious and used to being unwatched. For lack of a better term, he was a troublemaker. For years, she struggled to reign him in - and after a number of fights at school, she took time off specifically to be with him. They bonded over a few extreme sports after a few weeks, and finally found an outlet for him.

After that, he and his mother grew close and he calmed down. Unfortunately, in 2371 while he was visiting her on a patrol, a Separatist group attacked their hometown. His mother was killed in action, but Enesh survived the attack on the patrol. After that, he was returned to his family and fell into a rather ad depression. This depression was made worse by a bond group that did not handle the situation well. He dove into studying as a way to keep himself from falling completely under that fog. Somewhere along the way, he decided to try to achieve one of his mother’s goals, in her honor.

He worked hard, and was accepted early into the Imperial Academy’s Pre-Medical Program. With a penchant for brawls and partying, there were a couple times he almost didn’t make it - but he would always wrap back around and settle in for the hard parts. He graduated, to nearly everyone’s surprise, in the top ten percent of his class. He was accepted into medical school after that as well, and trained to be a surgeon from nearly day one. He was hellbent on succeeding and doing so without losing himself. An exhausting few years later, he was awarded and MD, and trained further as a Trauma Surgeon.

During his time in Medical School he had joined a bond group, most importantly to him with his best friend Tala. The group, like many Andorian groups, struggled to have children. And eventually, Tala was carrying a child. With a few weeks under his belt as a trauma surgeon, she was brought into the hospital and the child was lost - but his peers were able to save Tala. The loss of the child, who Tala and Enesh insisted on naming Vala despite the objections of the rest of the bond group. The loss would make a mark, and the bond group dissolved, though Tala and Enesh remained bonded.

Then, against the suggestions of nearly every single peer, he enlisted in the Andorian Imperial Guard. After his mother died, he wanted nothing more than to help people, to keep that from happening to others. He excelled in the guard, blasting through basic training. He rose through the ranks with one goal in mind, and that was to be a Rescue Specialist. His numbers in the Guard caught the eye of Starfleet, who reached out to him and asked him to join up. He was reluctant at first, but the training offered was hard for him to overlook, and he eventually relented at Tala’s encouragement.

As with the Guard, his time in Starfleet was quick and he rose fast, and drew a lot of questions for having completed a full surgical specialization and then choosing to enlist. The truth was, he just wanted to help - and the people that needed surgeons the worst were often out in the thick of it. The Combat Rescue Officers corps caught wind and offered to let him take the qualifications as soon as his officer and medical officer training was complete. He accepted without hesitation. And took to the field like second nature. He pushed himself hard, and with a sort of glee that was disconcerting to some, but in the end he became a Combat Rescue Officer, and a proud one at that.

Since then, his record is mostly redacted due to the nature of the missions CROs tend to take on, but he served with a level of excellence that was only marred by his general attitude and lack of the usual polish found in Starfleet Officers.
Service Record Education
--- Undergraduate Degree in Physiology (2377)
--- Medicinae Doctor, Trauma Surgery Specialty (2380/2)

Military Records
--- Andorian Guard: Guardsman (2383)
--- Andorian Guard: Guardsman, First Class (2383)
--- Andorian Guard: Rescue Specialist, Third Class (2384)
--- Andorian Guard: Rescue Specialist, Second Class (2385)
--- Starfleet Marines: Warrant Officer (2385)
--- Starfleet Marines: 2nd Lieutenant (2386)
--- Starfleet Marines: 1st Lieutenant (2387)
--- Starfleet Marines: Captain (2389)

Andorian Imperial Guard
--- Basic Training, Imperial Guard Academy (2383)
--- NCO Training, Imperial Guard Academy (2383)
--- Close Combat Training, Shilar Barracks (2383)
--- EVA Combat Training, ADF Thelis (2383)
--- EVA Rescue Specialist, ADF Thelis (2383/4)
--- Drop Training, ADF Thelis (2384)
--- Emergency Response Specialist, ADF Thelis (2384/5)

Starfleet Records
--- Accelerated Officer Courses, Starfleet Academy - Earth (2385)
--- Medical Officer Qualification, Starfleet Medical - Earth (2385)
--- Combat Rescue Officer Qualification, SFMC Burnham - Earth (2385)
--- Combat Rescue Training Pipeline, SFMC Burnham - Earth (2385/6)
--- Combat Rescue Officer, Rapid Response Team Six 4th Fleet - USS Kestrel (2386/7)
--- Combat Rescue Team Leader, Rapid Response Team Six 4th Fleet - USS Kestrel (2388)
--- Combat Rescue Team Leader, Rapid Response Team Thirteen 4th Fleet - Hawkeye Island (2389)