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Special Agent Gregory West

Name Special Agent Gregory West

Position Chief of Base Security

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 173cm/5'8"
Weight 85kg/187lbs.
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Character is portrayed by Gary Sinise


Spouse None currently, see below for a list of all former spouses
Children Kelly West (deceased at age 8)
Father Jackson West
Mother Anne West (deceased)
Other Family Gregory has been married four times and divorced three (his first wife was killed.

Shannon – Gregory and Shannon were married in April 2366, and Kelly was born in July 2367. He was unable to be at the birth of Kelly as he was deployed Shannon, along with their eight-year-old daughter Kelly, was murdered by an Orion Syndicate Hitman on the last official day of the Dominion War. Shannon had witnessed the murder of a Marine, and was subsequently killed along with her daughter and the SIS Agent transporting the mother and daughter to protective custody. Gregory retaliated by seeking out the hitman and assassinating him in cold blood.

Dianne was Gregory’s second wife. Gregory told her after the divorce that he liked her, always liked her and still does like her. Dianne told Gregory that their marriage fell apart because she was in love with him, but could not compete with his memories of Shannon and Kelly.

Rebecca, Gregory’s third wife divorced him when he discovered she had cheated on him.

Stephanie, Gregory’s most recent wife divorced him when he became obsessed with tracking down a serial killer of Starfleet and Marine officers.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A decorated Marine, Gregory is a consummate organizer, disciplined and demanding. These traits often put him in a stand-off with other authorities when they exert pressure on his team. He is a no-nonsense agent who displays a continuous urgency about the investigation he pursues, specifically when being given technical information about complex subject matter. The typical response to such information is "Give it to me in English", thus forcing the expert to get to the point, as well as making it easy for the audience to understand. It is a well-known fact with his agents that he dislikes any ambiguous references and terms such as "assuming" and "maybe" when discussing a case or dealing with evidence. He also displays elements of sarcasm, particularly in relation to someone in his company stating something obvious. The typical sarcastic answer "Ya think?" is his preferred retort.

He is known for communicating displeasure with a single look or the "silent treatment". One of his interrogating techniques is to sit and glare at the suspect for twenty minutes or until the suspect buckles under pressure. Gregory's "steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees".

Gregory has little patience for the "politics" and bureaucracy his job entails, usually leaving that aspect to his superiors, and prefers to be out in the field working with his agents.

One of Gregory's most noted traits is his gut instinct.

He has no patience with high tech hardware and is quite comfortable using an old style hand held communicator with the flip grid antennae.

One of Gregory's "trademarks" is that he will often slap the members of his team on the back of the head when displeased with their performance or, if they get sidetracked on another topic, to get them focused back on the case. Mike Franklin bestowed the habit upon Gregory in the same manner.

Another of Gregory's quirks is his tendency to stop the turbolift between floors if he needs to have a short, urgent, private conversation with someone. He does this most often with his agents, and occasionally with his superiors or other law enforcement personnel.

Gregory follows a series of rules for life situations and casework.

Gregory is a habitual coffee drinker. When his coffee is spilled or someone else takes and/or drinks it without knowing (this also translates to stolen food that is his), it almost always causes his temper to flare, and he will demand a new one; at least once, however, he has done so simply to haze somebody. He even considers coffee the equivalent of breakfast.
Strengths & Weaknesses Instinctive Criminal Investigator
Superb Wilderness Survival Expert
Uncanny Marksmanship Ability

Lacks of Patience, especially with those engaging in what he calls technobabble
Prone to sudden outbursts of anger
Ambitions Gregory seeks justice for all beings, even if said justice may not follow the exact letter of the law.
Hobbies & Interests Woodworking
Wilderness Hiking

Personal History Gregory West was born on May 2, 2344, and grew up in Stillwater, Pennsylvania. His father, Jackson West, owned and ran the Stillwater General Store. He is named after his father's close friend and partner in the store, Gregory Moore, after they worked together in the dilithium mines (Winslow Mining Company). Gregory Moore influenced the teenaged Gregory to join the Marines. Gibbs left Stillwater on his 18th birthday to join the Marine Corps and did not return for over thirty years. Gregory often provoked violence with defiance, with his father constantly coming to his unwanted aid with a Winchester rifle. He was also known around the area as a delinquent. He met his first wife Shannon, who worked at the local department store, when both were teenagers. Shannon and Gregory spoke to each other for the first time while waiting for a train, and Shannon mentioned she had thought about creating a set of life rules for herself; Gregory later incorporated this idea into his own series of rules that he now uses for his profession.
Gregory enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2362 as a Marine Military Police and was a military police lower enlisted and non-commissioned officer before becoming a Scout Sniper. He served on combat tours of duty during hostilities with the Klingon Empire during the repeal of the Khitomer Accords and with the 1st Battalion 1st Marines during the Dominion War. Not long after returning from the Dominion War, he retired from the Marine Corps with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and joined the Starfleet Investigative Service (as the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service was then called) in August 2375. As a junior agent, Gregory was mentored by Mike Franklin, and the two became close friends; Franklin continued calling him "Probie" even after retirement. After Franklin retired, Gregory rose to become head of his own Major Case Response Team.
Gregory is a highly skilled marksman with both his agency-issued phaser pistol and TR116 sniper rifle. He has used these skills on numerous occasions, along with his wilderness tracking skills and marksmanship to aid the investigation and/or get the team out of trouble.
Gregory is a private man of few words who discloses little to nothing about his personal life. He avoids discussing his life or past before he joined NCIS, especially to agents and co-workers under him, which leads to his team members constantly speculating over his private life. Aside from his tendency to use military slang, he rarely mentions or speaks at length about his time in the Marine Corps although he is often referred to as "Gunny" by other Starfleet and Marine officers. He occasionally dons a Marine hoodie or T-shirt when off duty.
Gregory holds service personnel in Starfleet and the Marine Corps in high esteem and to a higher standard. He becomes particularly indignant when the guilty party is someone in a position of trust and authority, and he has reacted violently on several occasions when apprehending corrupt high-ranking officers who committed crimes for monetary gain.
Service Record Marine Corps: May 2362 - August 2375
Starfleet Investigative Services/Starfleet Criminal Investigative Services: September 2375 - December 2388
Retired Auxiliary: January 2389 - Present