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Expedition Unknown

Posted on Wed May 8th, 2019 @ 10:17am by Commander Matthew Alexander & Lieutenant Silpar & Lieutenant Timothy Jordan & Ensign Victoria Jamison & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan & Major Kachiko Bayushi & Lieutenant JG Dira Sherren & Special Agent Gregory West

Mission: Return to Paradise
Location: Hawkeye Island
Timeline: MD02 1000

There was no sun shining on Hawkeye Island this day. The sky was dark and cloudy with a showering of rain drops falling from the sky. Matt stood in the ATV bay behind the Command Center. He was not wearing his traditional Starfleet uniform but a new tactical version which was colored in jungle camo. He was holding a traditional old Earth black assault rifle which had been freshly replicated for the team. He still carried his type 2 phaser on his hip. Six large all terrain vehicles were loaded and ready for the jungle expedition. Each vehicle could carried up to 8. They were dark brown, almost black with a thin layer of ablative armor on each of them.

Matt examined the weapon as he became familiar with the old design. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone approaching him. He looked to see Naomi watching him from behind. He smiled with a boyish grin as he made eye contact with her.

She looked at him, "Something interesting about the ATV's?" She asked as she walked up to him, her nerves were getting the best of her as she wasn't sure what would happen on this mission.

"They are armed to the teeth. Hopefully that creature can't cut through ablative armor. Starfleet sent those in the event this island is ever invade. Figured they might some in handy," Matt smiled as he holstered his weapon and joined Naomi.

She looked at him, "hope we don't have to find out," she said as he walked up to her. She smiled as she stood there.

He went in to place his hand around her when Ensign Jamison stuck her head out of one of the ATV's. "Commander, you have to see inside this thing. It's pretty awesome."

Matt laughed as he returned his hand to its neutral position. "After you," he said to Naomi making a gesture for her to walk in front of him.

She smiled and walked towards where Ensign Jamison was and stood by the ATV.

Matt stepped up into the ATV and found Ensign Jamison and Lieutenant Sherren sitting inside on chairs with various computers and consoles surrounding them.

"Captain this stuff is truly awesome. Where did Starfleet get these from?", Dira asked. Pulling up the map of the island and where the complex was she contemplated about what condition she would find this laboratory.

The small Marine Major emerged from the side of the hangar, encased in a green and black multicam bodysuit, a TR sniper rifle slung over a shoulder. Emerging behind her was a growing line of Marines, until an entire platoon had filed inside.

The Major turned and gave several commands with her hands, the assembled rifle platoon splitting up to each of the all-terrain vehicles.

With that, the woman turned back and clambered up into the vehicle with the commanding officer, nodding politely at the man, "Commander."

Greg arrived next with two others from his team in civilian attire. One carried a case marked Crime Scene Unit Lab Kit. He pointed to one of the ATVs and the two companions boarded the vehicle. He remained outside and looked at his watch.

Lieutenant Jordan and a group of 12 Starfleet security officer arrived just behind Special Agent West. "Sir," Timothy said to West. "Ready to get this show on the road?"

Greg looked at Lieutenant Jordan and the security personnel and nodded. He pointed to an ATV in the line up. "Mount up." He pulled his old style communicator from a jacket pocket and flipped the grid up. "Commander Alexander, Special Agent West. My team is mounting up for departure as I speak."

Matt tapped his comm badge, "Understood, we are in the lead ATV if you would like to join us for a brief mission briefing."

"Roger that Commander." Greg looked at Timothy. "Jordan with me." He turned and made his way up the line of vehicles.

Matt looked around at the crew members surrounding him. "You have your orders. Let prepare to move out." Matt moved to a chair near the far side of the ATV and took the seat placing a few seat belts around him.

The convey roared to life as the began their trek through the jungle to the science complex. The trip was without incident which was odd Matt thought.

"Commander, long range scanners show around 200 Raeyans about 3 kilometers north of here," the ensign science officer said.

Matt nodded. He looked outside his window and saw the complex in the mountain in front of them. The complex had overgrowth of vines hanging from around it. There was a waterfall near the complex. It was a beautiful sight if it didn't house deadly secrets.


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