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Unfriendliness in Operations

Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 3:37am by Lieutenant James Xavier MD & Lieutenant Eleanor Waldorf & Ensign Torin

Mission: Return to Paradise
Location: Operations Center
Timeline: MD02 1245

A small speeder came zooming down the dirt road that lead to the bridge crossing onto Hawkeye Island from Vir. The driver was stopped by a few Starfleet officers on the bridge. He flashed a few Starfleet credentials in their faces, and they allowed him to pass. He continued his way towards the command center. Dr. James Xavier was on a mission. He needed to tell the new commander of Hawkeye Island about Death Squad new roll in the Raeyan government. The future of Starfleet's interests in the Raeyan Sector Block would hang in the balance.

The doctor brought his speeder to a halt just outside the Command Center. He and Matt had been friends back in the academy days. James had been in and out of Starfleet with most of his assignments being with Doctor's Without Borders. He walked into the Center and spoke with the woman at the front desk. She pointed him in the way of the Operations Center. Perhaps she didn't know that the Commander was away at the moment. His credentials still let him in the door for some reason. James entered the Operations Center which was the brain of the compound. Inside he saw an arrangement of consoles in circular positions with a large electronic looking table in the center of the room. The Operations Center had a skeleton crew for some reason. James didn't see Matt but instead there was a silver haired female officer with a black collared uniform standing next to the table. James approached her. "Sir, I need to speak with Commander Alexander ASAP it is a matter of the utmost importance."

Eleanor looked at the interloper for the briefest moment before returning her attention to her work monitoring the ongoing situation. She had no time for interruptions, especially not from random visitors.

Somewhat irritated at the Lieutenant's response, James started to speak but then realized he wasn't in uniform so he decided to introduce himself. "Lieutenant, I'm Doctor James Xavier, Lieutenant in Starfleet. I have information that the Chief Intelligence Officer might be interested in hearing also, but the Director of Operations for Hawkeye Island needs to know about." James looked at the woman, "May we speak in private?"

Lieutenant Waldorf kept her ear on the man, but continued her monitoring. After a few moments she turned to Ensign Torin, with whom she’s been working and said, “Can you double check the clearances I sent to your console Mister Torin.”

With a stiff Vulcan nod the man left the room, leaving Xavier and Waldorf alone.

Eleanor still did not look up, she continued working. “By all means move at a glacial pace, it isn’t as though you asked to speak with me in the first place” She called to him, clearly annoyed.

“Just by observation, it looks like Matt isn’t here,” James said as he nodded towards the empty CO’s office. “And I assume your in charge since you’re on deck. What do you know about a group called Death Squad?”

Lieutenant Waldorf sighed. “Are you here to discern my knowledge or to impart your own?”

“Both,” he remarked. “Randa Isle Prime has just appointed a member of Death Squad as mayor. They have assassinated several key political figures in the Raeya Sector Block and I fear with this bold move, they may move to go after Commander Alexander.”

Waldorf kept at her work. “The Commander is more than safe.” She said plainly.

“Then where is Matt?” James snapped.

Commander Alexander,” Eleanor corrected,” is away at the moment.”

James could feel his face turning red with anger. Before he spoke, he heard an alert going off.

The computer voice came over the room's intercom. "Priority one transmission from Away Team Alpha." James looked over at the CIO waiting for her to answer.

Without a moment of hesitation, Eleanor called out. “Mister Torin, can you escort Lieutenant Xavier out?” Her question was clearly rhetorical.

The Vulcan, who had re-entered silently well before the woman’s request, moved from the edge of the room towards the Doctor.

Then an audio message began to play in the voice of Commander Alexander, "Lieutenant Waldorf, we have engaged an overwhelming hostile forces. The Science Complex is overrun with unknown experiments, they are dangerous and cannot be allowed to escape. Activate Plan Complex Omega." The transmission ended just as soon as it began.

Torin has stopped to listen to the message, allowing Xavier to hear it as well.

Eleanor looked up, “What is he still doing here?” She demanded.

Without hesitation, Torin put a hand on James’ shoulder. “Please follow me, Lieutenant.”

James quickly moved his shoulder out from in under Torin's hand. "Don't touch me," he interjected. "Sounds like you've got a little problem on your hands, Lieutenant. I am at your disposal."

Eleanor was busy deploying the Blue Wolves to the Science Complex. “If we required your assistance, which we do not, we would be able to find you out of here.” Eleanor said with a voice laced with annoyance. “If you don’t leave now, I will not hesitate to contact Security.”

James gave a rapid salute. "Don't worry, I'm leaving." He turned and walked towards the door of the Command Center. "I'll see if I can find sickbay. Sounds like I'll be needed there.”

Eleanor didn’t look up to watch him leave. She kept at her work and made a brief note of his name, and resolved to look into his file later.


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