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The Power Around Us

Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 3:35am by Commander Matthew Alexander & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan & Lieutenant Timothy Jordan & Ensign Victoria Jamison & Lieutenant JG Dira Sherren

Mission: Return to Paradise
Location: Science Compund
Timeline: MD02 1215

The lights on the security officers' phaser rifles shown the way down the long corridor that led to the power generator. Old pipes creaked as the team passed by. The noise was enough to scream poor Victoria. She held her tricorder with a map of the facility on it. She followed the path on the screen like it was the guiding force in her life which right now it was. Timothy could tell the Ensign was extremely nervous.

"Everything alright, Ensign? You're not afraid of the dark? Are you?" he asked her.

Victoria stopped in her tracks. "That's not funny," she said as she moved away from Timothy.

"Smooth move," another security officer said with a chuckle as Timothy rolled his eyes.

"We have about another 100 meters before we reach the power generator," Naomi interjected. "Better be on point," she said in the direction of Timothy. "I doubt we'll be alone."

"Guess what, we are not alone! Something is with us and I can't tell if it is humanoid or animal but something else is here", Dira said a bit jumpy.

Victoria swilled as a mouse ran in front of the security officer's light.

Naomi rolled her eyes as they approached the power generators. She accessed a nearby console. "Lt. Sherren, can you help me patch into the main power relays?"

Walking over to where Naomi was, Dira began to tie in the power to the console. It didn't take long for Dira to get some power running through the power relays. "All done", she said.

The power generator started to glow with a purple aurora as it came to life. Lights slow started to come on in the room. The darkness turned to light. The room was empty. Naomi tapped her communicator, "Commander, you should have power now."

"Understood," Matt said over the communication channel. "See what else you can get online, Lieutenant Commander."

"Understood," Naomi responded.


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