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And So It Begins

Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 3:36am by Commander Matthew Alexander & Special Agent Gregory West

Mission: Return to Paradise
Location: Science Complex
Timeline: MD02 1230

The lights came on in the main control room of the science complex. Matt and Greg had been waiting for this moment. Matt sat in one of the chair in front of the main computer console as it started to come to life.

"Commander, you should have power now," Lieutenant Commander Morgan said over the communicator.

"Understood, see what else you can get online," the Commander responded.

"Understood," Naomi chimed.

The computer continued it start up sequence. Greg looked around with a suspicious look on his face. "Commander," he said, "I've got a bad feeling about all this." He pulled his pistol from its holster and started to pace around.

"Calm down special agent," Matt said. As soon as those words came out of his mouth, the computer screen began to flicker. A blank screen appeared in front of them. "Oh, shit I broke it," the Commander added.

"Now would probably be a good time to call the computer nerds for help," Greg interjected.

Matt tapped his communicator, "Alexander to Morgan." There was no response.
"Alexander to Morgan." Again there was no response. Matt rose from his chair and looked at Greg. "You're right something is not right here."

Greg walked towards the door. In response to his motion it sealed shut. "What the hell," he said as he tried a manual override.

A laugh came over the complex's intercom system. The voice was unfamiliar to both of them. "Oh Commander, who said you can go? I just started to play my game."

The blank screen changed to a live action feed of the main engineering room. They could see the other crew members standing around working on the purple glowing main power generator. Another screen appeared, but this one had a different location. A black door opened. Behind the door was darkness but something was lurking in the darkness.

Matt again tried to tap his communicator but there was no signal.

"The fun is just now beginning," the voice said. The light went out in the main engineering area. The only light was the purple generator glowing. Matt and Greg watch as creatures started to emerge. This were unlike the creatures that had been in the jungle. These were hybrids too. They looked like a combination of a spider and a monkey. The creature appeared to be sensitivity to the light.

Matt glared at the computer screen as hundreds of the creatures emerged. "What have you done?" Matt said.

The voice laughed again. "Death is the goal of the Death Squad. Death to the Federation."

The creatures started to swarm the area that Naomi and the others were located. Matt knew that using the communicators were useless or he only thought of one other thing to do. ',' he thought hoping that she would hear his thoughts.

Something happened because he could see Naomi on the monitor and the crew start to run towards an exit. "HAHAHA... now the chase begins. They can never..." The voice suddenly stopped.

Matt looked over to see Special Agent West holding a power cable that he had pulled out of the wall. It had cut power to the monitors and the intercom system. "I was tried of hearing that asshole talk." He dropped the cable and placed his phaser rifle in position as he started to shoot the doorway. Matt picked up his rifle and did the same. After a few minutes the door collapsed. "Lets go save them," Greg said to Matt.


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