The Big Goodbye, Part 1

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 9:53pm by Commander Matthew Alexander & Lieutenant Commander Naomi Morgan & Lieutenant Silpar & Lieutenant Timothy Jordan & Lieutenant Jacob Jones & Ensign Victoria Jamison & Special Agent Gregory West & Major Kachiko Bayushi & Captain Thelenesh ch'Ryohan & Lieutenant Jack 'Firefly' Arthur Jr. & Lieutenant JG Dira Sherren & Lieutenant Todd "Snake" Carlson

Mission: Return to Paradise
Location: Science Complex
Timeline: MD02 1300

Naomi and the others ran with the creatures on their heels. Security would turn and fire at the creatures with phasers and traditional rifles but not even a bullet would kill the creatures. Naomi tried to read the creatures mind but all she could feel was darkness.

At the end of the long corridor, she could see a familiar face... 'Matt.'Matt and Greg were standing at a doorway. She could sense his thoughts. As they ran past the doorway, they stopped as Matt pressed a button on the wall. A bulkhead dropped rapidly stopping the creatures in their path. They could hear the creatures banging against the bulkhead.

"Thank God, you're alright," Matt said to Naomi. She could feel his feelings but knew he had to keep them to himself. "We need to get out of here."

"We can't let those creatures get out. They could destroy this whole planet," Lt. Jordan said.

Naomi looked at him. "Matt already has that covered," she interjected. "We have... what about 15 minutes."

Again the bulkhead buckled. "That's not going to hold them for long. We need to meet up with the marines until those fighters arrive," Special Agent West said to the group.

Dira was all for getting the hell out of there. She was getting bad senses from being there. "Please can we just hurry. I don't like the feelings I am getting from this place", she said, her eyes a little wide eyed. She was a bit scared and nervous from being around these animals. They were malovenent and evil and she could feel them everywhere.

The group ran towards the front door of the science compound, but to their surprise it was sealed. Greg pulled his phaser rifle at the ready. "Don't you think we've already tried that," a voice said from the shadows. The group turned to look in the direction of its origin. There was a young marine emerging from the shadows. "We came looking for you, but we got trapped." To the young marines left, emerged Major Kachiko Bayushi and another marine.

"Major," the commander said to the marine company commander.

"Commander," Kachiko nodded politely, TR rifle up on one shoulder. "We tried explosives on that hatch, but it didn't even dent."

"I dont think the builders intend for anyone to leave this place," said Matt.

"Pretty sure that they were trying to keep the beasties contained until they were ready," Kachiko quipped.

"I'd hate to end this reunion, but do you think our ride is here, yet," Naomi snapped.

"Why do you keep ruining my surprises?" Matt remarked. He looked at his watch. "About time. We just need to get to the shuttle pad by the waterfall."

Victoria opened her tricorder. "Commander the map show there is a corridor from here that leads directly to the overview beside the waterfall. It appears to be one of the only ways out of this place."

"Let's go then," Naomi said.

Matt could sense something in her voice. It was almost like fear or impending doom.

"I will take point," Kachiko glanced back briefly before moving forward, rifle at the ready.

The corridor was long and winding with the marines taking point and security officers taking the rear. They could hear the popping of metal in the distance and knew their 'friends' would not be far behind them.

[Skies above Hawkeye Island]

"Keep it tight and low, we don't want those on the ground to see us until the last possible second." JJ said over comms to the rest of his team. It was freeing to be up in the air once again, doing something he hoped would be useful. "Weapons hot." He announced. It would be his command that would light up the sky with some fireworks. "Keep an eye out for friendlies." He said knowing that somewhere down in that mess was his crew.

Out of the clouds above JJ's fighter and his group, Todd dropped unseen almost on top of JJ. Over hiis com link, "Howdy boys, ya'll see any birdies lurking around?", he chuckled. "JJ, Snake here, you ready to shoot'em up?", he added.

Jacob's runabout was running at full thrusters to keep up with the fighter squadron. "Squadron leader, Falcon is making its decent," he said as the runabout broke formation. Below he could see the science complex, overgrown of the jungle made it hard to tell the difference from the mountain. He made a pass but saw nothing of the crew below. "Damn, Matt," he said. "He's never been one to be late." He looked over to his partner. "Captain ch'Ryohan, I have a bad feeling about this..."

The Andorian gave a nod, the twitching of his antennae the only signal he was in the same boat as the others as he double checked his gear. "They don't call us in if everything is going smoothly," He noted with a dry bit of a shrug. He took a breath. "Get us in position, we'll make sure everyone gets back," He left off the one way or another that had popped into his head, instead twisting down to grab his gear.

Out of the corner of Jacob's eye he saw a red glow of an explosion burst onto a platform halfway up the mountain. He turned the runabout into a nose dive spiral in its direction.

Emerging from the explosions aftermath was our team. "I guess those power conduits have more power than one of your explosives," Matt directed towards the Major. Naomi had overload several of the power conduits to make an exit for them.

Kachiko smirked, pressing a key on the wrist control unit of her sneak suit. The ground under them jumped a quarter inch, followed by a loud 'thump', the exit behind them collapsing in on itself, "Sorry, Commander. We could only hump so much in by foot. The wee beasties won't be escaping that and they won't get to move back in later."

Jacob saw the crew on the overlook. He brought the runabout down and started to hover close enough to lower the ramp. Some of the crew made their way up into the runabout.

"Commanders Alexander and Morgan," a voice said, "you leaving before we've even start to play my game."

To be continued...